Amazon Experience

Virtual reality as the engine for an employer branding project. Immerse yourself in Amazon headquarter and experience the process behind the delivery of products through the world renowned “Prime” service

Tenaris Jumbo Vessels VR


logoappAn immersive experience of the Tenaris jumbo vessel manufacturing process.

Presented during düsseldorf tube trade fair 2016, this ios/android app,  allows visitors to experience  phases and operations of the production process through a 1st person perspective and direct interaction with plant machineries  and professionals.

assist to crucial production phases, interact with  environments and plant managers to access additional content.

Available on:

Fondazione Dalmine – Stainless tube exhibition Virtual tour

Damilano winery – Grape harvest experience

La Cisa drivers academy

La Cisa Logistics has chosen Visionnaire Media for the production of an interactive Immersive showcase of the through a series of 360 videos depicting different real world scenarios in the field of industrial logistic and professional training through La Cisa Academy forklift simulator.